31 Canyon Turn LG 3

As your premier Austin custom homebuilder, Sterling Custom Homes is used to dealing with the design issues associated with challenging topography. One of the wonderful qualities of the  Austin area is it’s rolling hills and Hill Country views. Every lot is unique and therefore the homes we design and build are equally unique.

Usually the most desirable lots will have some topography to deal with. It’s just one of the characteristics that make the property more interesting and more challenging. Severe topography, such as the example shown here, will cause additional costs for site work, retaining walls and driveways. When choosing a lot, our clients often ask us to quantify the additional costs associated with these lot characteristics to better understand if they can build their home within the necessary budget.

While there are many factors that will affect the lot-associated construction costs, a discussion with the client helps us understand the design criteria and allows us to present options for consideration.

  • Is the slope sufficient to consider a “walk-out” or “over-under” plan?
  • How will we manage the driveway as it slopes up or down on the property?
  • How much additional slab costs will be incurred for foundations that are high out of the ground?
  • How much will it cost for retaining walls and fill material, if needed?

Once these questions are answered, our clients can make their lot purchase decision with the full knowledge of the incremental costs associated with the lot.

Sterling Custom Homes has been building the highest quality Austin luxury homes since 1989. We are a full-service custom homebuilder eager to assist you with your lot analysis, home design and construction. For more information about our unique process, please contact us at 512-263-2214.