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The Better the Plan, The Smoother the Execution

Sterling Custom Homes prepares a detailed set of specifications that allows us to accurately forecast the cost of your home before you’ve spent significant money on architectural plans.

Our specifications are more detailed than most. We prepare a 46-page document that defines every aspect of your home, from the stone and lumber down to the door hinges. We walk room by room through the home and define the scope of the project, identify the materials that the client’s going to use in the project, and the allowances they will have to work with.

DIFFERENCE Detailed Specs AFTER DesktopDIFFERENCE Detailed Specs BEFORE Desktop
DIFFERENCE Detailed Specs AFTER MobileDIFFERENCE Detailed Specs BEFORE Mobile
Drag handle to see the original specifications and the finished product.

Our Specifications Process

We have developed a proprietary software system that not only automates the specifications process; it makes the process interactive.

You Deserve
Peace of Mind

Our 46-page specifications and costing system allows us to produce an incredibly accurate forecast of the exact cost of your home.

  • Ask us how our automated specification system can save you money during construction!

  • Learn how we can save you money on architectural fees.

  • Find out how selecting your builder first leverages our expertise for a more enjoyable building experience with no surprises.

The Sterling Experience

In this 10-minute video we explain the Sterling Custom Homes Experience and show how carefully crafted elements come together into one amazing home building experience.

We thought the design and costing process was very accurate and your input here was very valuable as it significantly reduced change orders that one might expect. This allowed us to plan our expenditures and we knew early in the building process what we could expect. Your process in this regard was exceptional.

Frank & Pat Breth
Sterling Clients

Our Specifications Team

Duke McDowell
Duke McDowellPresident
Angie McDowell
Angie McDowellBDM

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