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As an innovative Austin luxury custom home builder, Sterling Custom Homes has extensive experience with the design and layout of homes that capture beautiful distant views. So many times a view lot will be on a ridge with a slope from front to back, making the Outdoor Living area and/or Pool area elevated above the natural grade below. Here are just a few of the design solutions we’ve incorporated to make sure you can enjoy that tremendous view:

Challenge #1: Code requires that we install railing at Outdoor Living and Pool patios when the surface is more than 30” above the ground below. The problem is that railing tends to block the view, especially when you are sitting in a chair or relaxing in a chaise lounge.

Solution: Installing planters in areas where railing would otherwise be required preserves the view. As long as the planter meets code requirements and is less than 30” from the surface above, it will negate the need for railing.

Challenge #2: Outdoor Summer Kitchens are a popular feature for our clients. With a spectacular distant view and a large Outdoor Covered Living Area, cooking outside near the pool or patio is a must! The challenge when designing a Summer Kitchen is to keep it from blocking the view from inside the home. We want to make the Summer Kitchen convenient and accessible, but these vertical structures can easily block a beautiful distant view if not properly located.

Solution: 1) Tuck the Summer Kitchen up against a wall in the Outdoor Covered Living Area where it will not create a visual block from inside the home. 2) If there is a drop between the Outdoor Covered Living Area and the Pool Patio, consider locating the Summer Kitchen at the lower level where it will remain well below the view corridor. 3) Sink the Summer Kitchen and butt it up against the pool to create a sit-up pool bar / grill area (see image above).

There are so many important options to consider when designing a custom home, maximizing the view is just part of the equation. With nearly 30 years of experience in the design and construction of Austin luxury custom homes, we can guide you down the path to building the perfect custom home for your lifestyle and needs.

Sterling Custom Homes has been building the highest quality Austin luxury homes since 1989. We are a full-service custom homebuilder eager to assist you with your lot analysis, home design and construction.