lake travis 0515 imagesFor all of our Lake Travis clients, here’s the good news from our friends at KXAN:
“The overnight rain Thursday could lead to Lake Travis rising even higher. Right now, the lake sits at almost 635 feet; full stage is 681 feet. Based on current conditions, Lake Travis is expected to rise to between 635.0 and 635.5 feet msl in the next 24 hours, and to continue to rise several feet more over the weekend. Lake Buchanan is expected to continue to rise slowly.

Floodgate operations are not expected at any LCRA dams based on current conditions.
Overnight, Kingsland received some of the heaviest rain in Sandy Creek — which flows into Lake LBJ. It then went downriver to Lake Marble Falls and emptied into Lake Travis. Unlike previous rain storms, the heaviest rain fell directly over the Colorado River Basin, and that means Lake Travis should come up even higher. Because the lake has come up, one boat ramp at Mansfield Dam opened Monday, and last week a ramp at Pace Bend Park reopened.

In the past week, Lake Travis has already risen nearly 5 feet and a total of 11 feet this year. Still, for those going out on the water, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department officials say: Be careful.

“Lake Travis is still very low — lots of boat docks showing in the water, lots of obstacles that may not be marked at this time. Everyone needs to take very special precaution if they are on Lake Travis, as well as Lake Austin.” said TPWD Game Warden Theron Oatman.

The next marker for boaters to look for in order for more boat ramps to open is 638 feet.”