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To maximize the experience of designing a custom home, the client should ask this simple question, “Does my Builder have systems in place to make my pre-construction process organized and enjoyable?” We like to call this “From Conversation to Implementation”.

The design process should start as a comfortable conversation with the Builder and Architect about the clients’ lifestyle, experiences and expectations. While this is a fact-finding opportunity for the Builder and Architect, it should be no more stressful than a casual conversation about the style and layout that will best suit the wants and needs of the client.

Prompted by the Builder and Architect, the conversation will guide the client through the many architectural styles and layouts to be considered, leading them to the perfect layout and style to fit their needs and budget.

We have developed a 10 step guide through the pre-construction process that organizes and streamlines the design phase and helps us move seamlessly to the actual construction of your unique custom home.

To learn more about this process and to receive our free pre-construction guide, please contact us at 512-263-2214