Improving energy efficiency in your Austin custom home can reduce your electricity bill.  If you have lived in Austin in the summer, then you know it can get hot and when it is hot outside the AC is running. According to Wikipedia, Austin has 109 days per year when the temperature exceeds 90-degrees and 12 when it exceeds 100-degrees. When it is hot outside, we all want to be cool inside and it is important to also keep the electricity bill low.

Austin City Council recently approved an Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure (ECAD) ordinance to improve the energy efficiency of Austin homes and buildings that receive electricity from Austin Energy.

Homeowners should expect to pay $200-$300 for an audit on a 1,800 square foot home, for larger homes the price will increase. Prices will vary between auditors, so make sure to get a few estimates. If you are buying or selling a home, it is possible to get a better rate if you use the same company for your home inspection and energy audit.

The ordinance is designed to meet one of the goals of the Austin Climate Protection Plan—offsetting 700 megawatts of peak energy demand by 2020 to reduce Austin’s carbon footprint.

Homes that are 10 years old or older within the city limits of Austin will most likely need to be inspected for resale. Although this does not apply to homes outside the city limit, getting an inspection is a great way to identify areas for improvement and future energy savings.

When you sell your home, you must provide potential home buyers with an ECAD audit report.  You can find out more information on the mandatory Energy Audits at