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Creating a process that allows clients to enjoy the planning and construction of their custom home is the culmination of years of experience. Like the popular insurance commercial, which states “… we’ve seen almost everything so we know how to cover almost anything”, at Sterling we have the benefit of 30 years serving the Austin area – with all the learning experiences that come with it!

BLOG Sterling CookbookYears ago we developed a solution to the challenge of organizing the building process for our clients… the Sterling Cookbook. The cookbook was a tabbed binder that walked the client step by step through the building process, giving them plenty of advance notice for upcoming selection items and milestones throughout the process. It was so well thought out and such a valuable tool for our clients that it was often presented by them to prospective resale buyers, showing the professionalism and attention to detail that was exercised in the building of the home. A great “value add” for the Sterling clients!

Fast-forward to today, in the digital environment in which we live. What could we do to adapt the concept of the Sterling Cookbook to today’s technology? Enter BuilderTrend…

BLOG Buildertrend LogoBuilderTrend is a cloud based portal that aggregates and distributes the information involved in the custom home building process. Not only does it keep our clients organized and informed, it also manages the communication between our organization and the hundreds of trade partners that participate in the construction process. As the detailed schedule adjusts on the BuilderTrend calendar, clients and trade partners are notified of timing changes and adjusted due dates, making the building process more transparent for the client and more efficient for the builder.

As early adopters of this valuable technology, we worked closely with the BuilderTrend team to tailor the system to the unique needs of the custom environment. In BuilderTrend we found a cooperative partner, eager to refine their product to deliver the very best building experience to our clients.

To see the value of this system and learn how it has been adapted to the unique needs of the custom homebuilding environment, schedule your personalized demonstration today. Contact us at (512) 263-2214