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Even though it feels like the year just started, 2016 is winding to a close. Car dealerships are already trying to sell 2017 models and pretty soon stores will be busting out the Christmas trees. New trends in home décor are already cropping up, and now is the perfect time to begin to update your home for 2017, before prepping for Santa takes up your time.

The interior home design trends for 2017 are all about making your home comfortable, beautiful, and an inventing place to spend time. It’s finally time to move away from the hard edges, shiny finishes, and cool atmospheres created by metallic furniture and accents, shiny tile, and monochromatic color schemes. Finally, home décor trends are aligning with a desire to create naturalistic living spaces that still feel modern and don’t go overboard with rustic frills turning your home into a lumberjack paradise.

To achieve this warm feel, look for materials like matte terracotta tiles, linin and velvet details on upholstery and curtains, and decorative objects made from sheepskin, paper, and wood. These earthy textures make your home cozy, yet sophisticated and can replace cooler feeling décor. Look for dressed up versions of the oversized cork board to give your home office an organic feel. When looking to add pops of color to your rooms, opt for jewel tones over pastel, but keep them from feeling overpowering by picking sheer materials.

Your personal style is a reflection of your personality, and with 2017’s warm and soothing trends you can transform your home into a cozy space that doesn’t feel cluttered or claustrophobic.