With winter in full swing, the fireplace becomes a special place inside our homes. The warmth of a fireplace makes it the heart of the home: From holiday parties to just spending time with family and friends, the fireplace is where you come to share time with loved ones and make memories.

There are several fireplace options to consider when designing Austin custom homes. The first decision is the placement of the fireplace. Will it be a grand focal point of a spectacular room? Is it more of a secondary element? How does it fit into the design of the home?

Once you decide on how the fireplace will complement your home design, you’ll have to choose which type of fireplace suits your lifestyle. The fireplace “box” itself comes in a variety of styles, all with varying price points. The standard product is a pre-made metal box. This type of fireplace comes in a variety of sizes and is a true wood-burning hearth. If you love the beauty of a fire, but not the hassle, choose a fully-concealed gas log fireplace that produces a fire at the flip of a switch. For fireplace purists, there is a product called an Isokern fireplace that is similar to the custom-made masonry fireplace that many of us remember from the past.

At Sterling Custom Homes, we recognize the importance of designing a home that completely fits your lifestyle. When customizing a home for our buyers, we discuss many topics including the fireplace so that we understand the significance of each design element and how it translates to your everyday life. If you’re ready to begin designing the home and fireplace of your dreams, visit the Sterling Custom Homes website today.