Survey Says…

PORTFOLIO-Texas-Traditional-5080-RearWhen designing an Austin custom home, it is important to understand the “lay of the land”. In order to accurately price the home up-front, the builder needs to know how much topography he is dealing with and how high the foundation will be out of the ground. As you can imagine, a slab that sits 10’ out of the ground in the back will be much more expensive than a slab that is just a few feet from natural grade.

If the fall is great enough, an experienced builder may suggest an “over/under” layout, where the secondary rooms are located down below the main living area rather than above. This design alternative has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few things to consider when determining whether an “over/under” design will work for your Austin luxury custom home:

1) If you would like a pool behind your home, how important is it that the pool maintains a visible relationship with the main level of the house? The “over/ under” layout usually requires that the pool be associated with the lower level of the home and therefore it’s not very visible from the main living areas.

1exterior-front-justine2) Will you be satisfied with an understated front elevation? The “over/under” design usually presents a front elevation that looks like a one-story home, hiding the true mass of the overall structure. The picture above shows the grand rear elevation of an “over/under” home, while the picture to the left illustrates how the front elevation gives the appearance of a one-story home.

3) If your top priority is the view, the “over/under” design, with the main level of the home sitting up higher than it otherwise might, is a design option that merits consideration provided the lot characteristics support that design.

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