Sterling’s Pre-Construction Process – Part II

PORTFOLIO-Texas-Traditional-8079-Rear2Sterling Custom Homes, your premier Austin Texas custom homebuilder, has been developing innovative processes that make your homebuilding experience both organized and enjoyable – since 1989.

This blog series will delve into our pre-construction process, which contains 10 easy steps that carefully guide you to the actual construction of your unique Sterling Custom Home.

Step 4: Initial Meeting with the Architect

This important meeting is usually conducted at the homesite. Here, the architect will gain an understanding of the lot characteristics, such as Trees, topography, view corridors, sun orientation, etc. In conversational format we will learn more about the clients’ lifestyle and the vision they have for the home. With the budget in mind, the architect is already envisioning the layout and design. The builder will be thinking more about budgets and construction costs, but this is why it’s important to have the entire team working together in the design process. There is no challenge in designing a home that the client will love – but is over budget. The expertise and creativity come into play when making the critical design decisions that will enable us to bring the architecture and budget together for the client.

Step 5: Conceptual Plan Review

Our first look at a floor plan, this sketch is a small scale drawing of the layout of the home. We review this plan with the client and help them understand how the plan flows. We talk about things like the finished floor elevation, slab heights, retaining walls, ceiling heights and a number of other technical items. We explain in understandable terms the components of the plan that will have the biggest impact on cost. As a team, we work together to make the most of your vision while keeping a close eye on the budget.

Stay tuned for additional blogs covering the remainder of our innovative pre-construction process.

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