Part of the appeal of living in Austin, Texas is the beautiful weather. Even in the coldest months of the year – December, January and February – we rarely see temperatures below freezing. On average, the temperature hardly drops below 50 degrees. Now, I know you are thinking that since we have such mild winters, aren’t our summers unbearably hot? And, truthfully, yes, there have been times in which we have seen triple digit summers, but generally speaking the temperature of our summer months stays around the high eighties, which is still hot. However, no matter the season – whether we are loving the cool breezes of the Spring and Fall, seeing temperatures a little too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer – Sterling Custom Homes designs outdoor living areas for you to take advantage of the beautiful natural views surrounding your custom home in Austin.

Since most anyone can create a comfortable living area for the beautiful weather of the spring and fall seasons, we are going to focus on how Sterling Custom Homes goes above and beyond the ordinary to make sure you can enjoy the outdoors in both cold and hot weather as well as perfect weather.

One of Sterling’s signature features is a disappearing glass wall that makes a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living. Thus, if it is too cold or too hot outside, or maybe storming, you can relax safely inside while still enjoying the beauty that nature has to offer.

As for the hot summer months, what better way to enjoy the outdoors than by taking a refreshing dip in your own private pool. The Austin custom home builder is an expert at designing your very own oasis that reflects your lifestyle and taste. Many lakefront homes in Austin prefer to utilize a negative edge pool to create the illusion that your pool flows directly into the lake below. Decorative pools and waterfalls can help add elegance and sophistication to your outdoor living area. And for those that love to use the summer months for grilling and entertaining, you may want to incorporate a sunken outdoor kitchen with swim-up bar seats set in the pool (pictured here), which creates the most unique summer dining experience your guests have ever had.

Now, to keep yourselves warm during the cold months of the winter, you have a few options. One obvious option is to include a heated spa that will not only keep you warm but help keep you relaxed. Sterling Custom Homes is also an expert at creating outdoor living areas focused around an outdoor fireplace. With a wood burning fire, you are sure to keep warm while reading a book, eating dinner, hosting friends for just cuddling with your spouse.