Is a Custom Home Right for You?

PORTFOLIO-Texas-Hill-Country-6234-ElevationSince 1989, Sterling Custom Homes has been recognized as the premier Austin Texas custom home builder. We have seen many economic cycles in that time and we have a clear understanding of market principles and how they affect our industry. With that experience we see the “perfect storm” of opportunity for the custom home client in the market today.

Item 1: Scarcity of Attractive Resale Inventory

When we engage a client it’s not uncommon for them to have already shopped the resale market. Let’s face it, if the home they want already exists why wouldn’t they buy it? In today’s market the resale or “used” inventory is picked over. When a desirable home comes on the market it is quickly under contract – often in a bidding scenario. Nobody wants to overpay for a home that isn’t exactly the design or layout they truly want.

Item 2: Relatively Low Cost of Construction

While construction costs are on the rise, they’re just now approaching where they were five years ago when the market was at its peak. Building a custom home now, before material and labor costs elevate to their eventual higher levels, can give the homeowner instant equity upon completion.

Item 3: The Cost of Money

Interim and permanent financing rates are historically low. Even our cash clients have to consider the benefits of borrowing at these rates. Since interest expense should be considered a cost of construction, clients find that they are saving thousands of dollars when they borrow at today’s low rates.

When you couple these factors with the benefits of designing and finishing the home to your exact specifications, building a custom home has never been so attractive! We’d love to talk with you about how this might be the best time for you and your family to build a distinctive custom home designed to suit your unique lifestyle. We are currently working with several clients who understand these market dynamics well.

Sterling Custom Homes has been building the highest quality Austin luxury homes since 1989. We are a full-service custom homebuilder eager to assist you with your lot analysis, home design and construction. For more information about our unique process please contact Gary Grambley at or call 512-263-2214.