Exterior stucco is a popular material for the award winning homes we’ve built over the years. There are many different stucco processes that have been utilized in the past, the two most common in the custom home market today are integral color stucco and traditional four-step stucco. For the purposes of this conversation we’ll assume that you have the traditional four-step stucco that we recommend to our homeowners.

While stucco is a stylish, durable material, there is maintenance involved to make sure that the product performs properly over time. Made of Portland cement, lime, sand and water, stucco provides a hard, durable, weather resistant surface for the exterior of your home. As a cement product though, stucco has a tendency to crack over time as it continues to cure. It is for this reason that your traditional stucco has been painted with a special elastomeric paint which is designed to bridge the tiny cracks that will develop, protecting your home from water penetration.

As you can imagine, over time and depending on sun orientation and other environmental factors, the elastomeric paint can fade and lose its effectiveness. Because of this, homeowners should regularly inspect their stucco exterior for visible cracks and expect to repaint the surface every five to seven years as needed. A professional painter familiar with the intricacies of stucco painting is highly recommended.

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