Home Design Trends for New Homes in Austin

Home Design Trends for New Homes in Austin

I was recently asked by a client, “What is the latest home design feature that you’re seeing in your custom new homes in Austin?” That question prompted me to recall several features that have become popular over the past few years. Below, I’ll countdown the Top 5 Sterling Custom Home Features of the Past 5 Years:

#5… The Casita – This popular space is a Guest Room on the main level of the house that is accessed from an outside entrance. It can be incorporated into a beautiful courtyard or situated near the swimming pool with a view of the Lake. We have incorporated Casita’s into many custom homes over the last five years.

#4 … The Combination Media Room/Game Room – This versatile space was born of the desire to have more public, social access to a large, main viewing screen. Opening up the Media Room to the Game Room has created a fresh new way to entertain for our clients. In many applications we have included a heavy theater curtain that can close the Media Room off from the Game Room when the true theater experience is desired.

#3 … The Outdoor Living Space – This area has become more important to our clients as they create an area to relax and/or entertain outside of the home. The Outdoor Living Area has become more spacious with nicer finishes and more substantial furniture. With misters for cooling and heaters for heating, it’s viable year-round.

#2 … The Disappearing Glass Wall – This feature has grown in popularity since we introduced it to the Austin market in 2004. An interlocking glass door system that pockets into the wall, this feature creates seamless flow from inside the home to an inviting Outdoor Living Area. It always frames a magnificent view and has plenty of WOW factor! We have installed more than 30 of these systems and continue to include them in our most recent designs.

#1 … The Outdoor Shower – This feature gets top billing because it is the most recent addition to our custom home designs. We are currently building two homes with this unique feature. Usually designed to be accessed from inside the master shower through a commercial grade, waterproofed door, the outdoor shower has become popular based on experiences our clients had while vacationing at beautiful, high-end resorts.

As luxury home builders, we’d love to incorporate your unique ideas into a custom home that your family will cherish for years to come. To learn more about our award-winning quality and unmatched customer service, please call Gary Grambley at 512-263-2214.