Experience Counts

PORTFOLIO-Mediterranean-7798-Pool2For nearly 25 years Sterling Custom Homes has been building the highest quality custom homes in the Austin, Texas area. In that time we have come to be known as the premier Austin Texas custom homebuilder, having served over 250 satisfied homeowners.

With a wide variety of clients at varying budgets, we have built fabulous custom homes in nearly all of the areas custom home communities. This is an important point that prospective clients should consider when choosing a custom homebuilder – what is the builder’s experience submitting plans for approval to the various Architectural Control Boards throughout the area? Has the builder ever worked directly with the enforcement leadership in my specific community?

Submitting plans to an ACB goes far beyond simply delivering a set of blueprints and specifications, each jurisdiction has its own  procedures and requirements that must be clearly understood before the design process even begins. Does your community require tile / metal roofing? Are wood windows and Paver driveways required? Are there acceptable substitutes to certain material requirements that can enhance the value of the project? Your builder should know the answers to these questions before the home is designed and submitted for approval.

Beyond the material requirements, there are also procedural requirements that must be followed. Some communities like to see the earliest version of the plans to give guidance to the property owner. Others prefer that you submit your plans in the later stage of design, just before they are finalized. Choosing a builder who has a full understanding of the procedural requirements and has experience with your specific community ACB is a big advantage when requesting plan approval for your project.

Local custom home communities know Sterling Custom Homes as a responsible builder whose standards of quality and integrity are unmatched in the industry. From jobsite cleanliness to our proactive “Good Neighbor” policy, it is our goal to be a responsible addition to your community while we build your unique Sterling Custom Home!

Sterling Custom Homes has been building the highest quality Austin luxury homes since 1989. We are a full-service custom homebuilder eager to assist you with your lot analysis, home design and construction. For more information about our unique process, please contact Gary Grambley at gary@sterlinghome.com or call 512-263-2214.