We have seen many design trends come and go over the twenty years we have been building custom homes in the Austin, Texas area. One design feature that we believe is here to stay is the focus on outdoor living space. This includes large, outdoor covered living areas, summer kitchens, outdoor wet bars, pools, fireplaces, firepits and more.

We have toured many homes all over the country to develop our talent for designing these spaces. We recognize that it’s more than just including these features, the challenge is to incorporate them in a way that makes them feel like a natural extension of the interior living space.

As you can see from the pictures, one way to create that seamless flow from inside to outside is to engineer a large, pocketing door system into the plan. When opened, these door systems really do make your outdoor living space an extension of the interior space. Even when the doors are in the closed position, the glass area is so large that the outside of the home is framed, like a beautiful picture, accenting the view and creating an open feel to the home.