Competitive Pricing

Les Russell, Purchasing & Estimating Director

Les Russell, Purchasing & Estimating Director

How does an Austin luxury home builder control pricing for its clients in a rising market? One way is to employ a full-time Purchasing and Estimating Director. Les Russell with Sterling Custom Homes is charged with the responsibility of negotiating prices with our many trade partners and vendors. Les has been working for Sterling for quite a while. He helped launch the company with Duke McDowell back in 1989. His vast knowledge of the intricate details that go into each Sterling Custom Home is truly incredible.

Those of us who work with Les know him to be extremely detailed and accurate with his work. Our trade partners count on Les to correctly identify the required materials, purchase them and have them delivered to the jobsite in a timely manner. Having someone like Les in-house to coordinate and support the trade partners allows them to aggressively price their services to Sterling Custom Homes. They know that when working with Les, they will be more efficient and therefore more cost effective with their services.

This is just another way that the Sterling system is designed to maximize the value for the client and another reason why we are the premier Austin custom home builder since 1989.

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