Homebuilding has changed over the years. In the past, your luxury home builder would directly employ the laborers who would pour your foundation, frame your home, build your cabinets and lay your flooring. Your builder wore a tool belt! In today’s environment, your builder does not directly employ those artisans. They are sub-contractors that your builder oversees. Your builder now manages the funds and directs the activities of your project. Through his/her expertise, your builder controls the quality of the materials and workmanship that creates the added value in your home – and defines his/her reputation as a professional builder in the marketplace.

With that in mind, three of the most important factors in choosing your builder are:

1)    The builder’s track record for managing funds. Has the builder ever been bankrupt, leaving clients and vendors in financial distress? This is not necessarily a result of tough economic times. It more often is an indicator that the builder lacks the organization and discipline to manage the funds for several complex building projects.

2)   The builder’s experience. Does your builder understand, through practical experience, the best practices of all aspects of homebuilding? When managing subcontractors, does your builder understand the shortcuts that they may try to take to save materials and time – jeopardizing the quality of your home? There is no substitute for experience.

3)   The builder’s processes. Has the builder developed processes for building new homes in Austin that make the experience both organized and enjoyable for you? Some builders have copied our processes and some have even given them fancy names, but nothing can replace the real-life experience from which those processes were created. The underlying systems that support the process are not so easy to duplicate.

At Sterling, we welcome the tough questions that have to be asked when choosing your builder. So do your homework. Don’t be fooled by fancy marketing pitches. Ask the hard questions up-front. The custom homebuilding experience can be fun and rewarding when you take the time to choose the right builder. For more information, visit the Sterling Custom Homes website.