As the premier Austin luxury home builder, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our clients’ experience and satisfaction. Sometimes during the building process, our clients come to us with new ideas and concepts to include in their homes. We are able to incorporate these items through various allowances we provide in the budget of the home.

We are currently finishing up a home in which we have designed an elaborate outdoor living space, complete with pool and spa, disappearing glass wall, summer kitchen, fireplace, and lounge area. Our clients are moving in soon and they want to use their outdoor living space right away. With the cooler weather coming a little earlier this year, that space will need to be heated. We installed four space heaters in the tongue-and-grove ceiling to provide the outdoor lounge area with radiant heat.

Radiant heating focuses on heating people or objects in a certain area, where as convection heating warms only the air in that same area. Outdoor air constantly moves causing convection heating to be very ineffective. The heating elements we install, as seen in the above image, run on electricity instead of gas which is not only more energy efficient, but much cleaner for the environment, too. Another benefit of the elements being electric is that the panel which controls the heating of the area allows you to set the temperature of the space to a specific degree, giving the home owner the luxury of “controlling the weather.”

We always keep our clients’ comfort in mind during the planning and construction stages. This helps us build the best custom homes Austin TX has to offer.