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No Detail is Too Small, and We’ve Thought Through Thousands of Them!

Carefully crafted elements brought together into one amazing building experience and home.

Sterling Custom Homes was founded by an engineer and every aspect of our homes is carefully engineered. We think through even the smallest details to make the experience of owning and living in your home more pleasant and fulfilling. Here are just a few examples of the ways in which we go above and beyond the average custom home builder to provide a better home for our clients.

Drag handle in image to see original framing showing 2×12 headers and the final window treatments.
Drag handle to see original framing of recessed screen pockets and completed outdoor screens.
Drag handle to see the difference between a garage with a concrete apron, versus flush driveway surface.

Our Engineering Process

At Sterling Custom Homes we have a detailed lot analysis process we have developed over 30 years.

You Deserve a Sterling Building Experience

Every aspect of our business is designed around creating a positive experience for our customers from our state-of-the-art software systems, to our prompt attention to even the smallest detail before, during and after construction.

  • Find out how we won Texas Custom Builder of the Year 3 times!

  • Learn about each step of our unique custom home building process.

  • Find out how we are able to save clients tens of thousands through our efficient design and planning process.

Builder Insight

In this video Duke McDowell, President of Sterling Custom Homes, explains how we use 3D modeling in engineering your home in order to address potential issues in the architectural design and fix them before we ever start building your new custom home, saving you both time and money.

Our new home demonstrates the benefit of your engineering background and custom homebuilding experience. The value of your high professional standards is reflected in the work and the attitude of your staff, subcontractors, and business associates. Thank you for your suggestions, concern, understanding, care, clear and frequent communication, patience with our many questions, attention to details and follow-up.

Ken & Ruby Crider
Sterling Clients

Our Engineering Team

Duke McDowell, GMB, CGB, CGP
Duke McDowell, GMB, CGB, CGPPresdent
Bruce Herve, CGB
Bruce Herve, CGBBuilder / Construction Manager
Jeff Neidel
Jeff NeidelBuilder

Ready To Build?

If you are ready to start talking about building your custom home, we’d love to be part of that conversation!