The Sterling CookBook™ is one of the unique organizational tools that we have developed to help our customers manage the building process. We call it our “CookBook”, because it is a recipe for building your home…

The Sterling CookBook™ is tailored for each customer and project, and contains instructions on every aspect of the home building process for which you are responsible. It provides instructions on what selections have to be made, which trade partners you need to meet with and where those trade partners are located. It outlines every step of the approval process and what your responsibilities are at each step. And once the home is completed, it provides an invaluable reference to you regarding the care of your home.


Sterling Custom Homes was the first in the industry to develop this incredible tool. It has been so successful that many of our competitors now try to offer something similar, but they don’t have the 30+ years we have spent developing and refining it to better meet our customers’ needs. In fact, that refinement process is really the story of the Sterling CookBook™. Over 30 years ago a customer showed up to their jobsite on a windy day, with a paper sack full of paint samples, trade partner contact information, and other papers relevant to the building of her home. Of course the wind came up and blew everything down the road. After spending a long time chasing the information down the street, Duke decided that there had to be a better way. Duke worked closely with that customer to develop the first “CookBook”.


Over the years we have continued this collaborative process by sitting with each of our customers and getting their input and ideas on how to make it better. In this way, the “CookBook” has evolved into a phenomenal tool that really works for our homeowners, because they helped us build it and continue to help us refine it.