Custom home construction is on the rise in Austin, Texas. That’s the good news! The bad news is that the costs for materials and labor are starting to rise with the increased demand. So how does a custom home client protect him/her self from the potential uptick in construction costs?

First, be careful to hire an Austin custom home builder who has a long-standing presence in the marketplace. The builders’ relationship with key trade partners tends to soften the increases in pricing as they occur. A well established builder has been able to provide work for these trade partners through good times and bad. This gives the builder additional leverage when negotiating price changes.

Next, make sure your builder will provide you with a fixed price contract. This shifts the risk of fluctuating prices away from the homeowner and to the builder. Smart builders lock in their prices up front by making purchase commitments to key suppliers in advance. By understanding the market and making smart, proactive business decisions, your builder can eliminate the risk of drastic price volatility for both you and him.

Building Austin luxury homes is our passion. Making smart business decisions to protect our clients has been a key factor in our 25 years of success in the Austin area.