At Sterling Custom Homes we enjoy working with clients from the earliest stages of lot selection and home design. One of the topics that we discuss very early in the design process is the Garage configuration. When you are building luxury homes in Austin, garages are an important component in home design because the location of the garage begins to dictate the overall layout of the plan.

Typically, there will be a relationship between the Garage and the Kitchen. This enables the homeowner to conveniently unload groceries without walking them through the house. With the Garage / Kitchen relationship determined, the Master Suite usually moves to the opposite side of the home. You can see how the dominos start to fall and the home layout begins to take shape just from the simple decision of Garage location.

Another consideration for Garage location is the requirements of the community in which the home will be built. Many high-end neighborhoods will not allow front-facing garages. We have, however, obtained permission in some cases to position one of the garage bays at an angle to the street. This not only provides easier access into the garage but it also provides additional interior space for storage. See the example floorplan attached.

At Sterling Custom Homes, every detail of your home design is carefully scrutinized to make the best use of the land, sun orientation, access, aesthetic appeal and overall layout. More than 20 years of experience enables us to guide our clients through this amazing process as we work together to design and build your dream home!