We are so happy that Forbes has finally made public one thing we have always known – Austin is a great city to spend time outdoors. Thanks to a mix of mild weather and plentiful park land, lakes and springs, residents in metro Austin can look to their backyards almost year-round in order to spend a day outside. Based on a Forbes.com report, Austin is the #11 Best City for Outdoors based on the following:

  • Park land as percentage of city land: 16.5 %
  • Average annual sunny days: 60%
  • Average total inches of snowfall: 1
  • Days with temps 90 degrees or higher: 109
  • Days with temps 32 degrees or lower: 60
  • Days with measurable precipitation: 78
  • Days with unhealthy air quality: 10

Since Austin’s temperate climate is also favorable for outdoor living and entertaining, the design of these spaces is a very integral part of the Sterling Custom Homes plan process. Our team members are experts when it comes to designing the perfect outdoor living setting for each client. From swimming pools with negative edges and waterfalls to outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, we custom build the outdoor living areas to reflect the interests of our clients.