As this blog is being written, the countdown to the second annual Formula 1 United States Grand Prix is 17 days 14 hours 38 minutes and 48 seconds away.  This is BIG for Austin, Texas.  Thousands upon thousands of people will unite at the Circuit of The Americas venue.  As the premier Austin custom home builder for 25 years, we appreciate events that bring new visitors to Austin.  We are confident that hundreds of attendees from this weekend will fall in love and eventually make Austin their home.

One of Sterling Custom Homes’ strong suits is building custom homes for clients who live out of state and out of the country. Clients who, just like Formula 1 fans, have visited Austin and then been enticed to make it their home. We have had great success in this scenario time after time and love to share our client’s testimonials and experiences with new clients encountering the same circumstance.

Whether you are a current Austin resident or an avid fan visiting for the F1 race, don’t wait long because every second counts until the F1 race weekend commences on Friday, November 15th.  You only have 17 days, 14 hours 26 minutes and 40 seconds left to buy your single day tickets or 3 day passes!