At Sterling Custom Homes we have a reputation for exceptional service that we have worked hard over our more than 25-year history to earn.

Our management team has a combined total of over 100 years of construction experience. In addition to our extensive construction experience, Duke McDowell and Bruce Herve are Certified Graduate Builders (CGB). This is a designation/certification from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), which is overseen by the NAHB CGB Board of Governors. The designation requires that graduates meet prescribed standards of business practice, have proven track records of successful project management, complete a comprehensive education curriculum and have continuing education through approved NAHB courses. The top certification level developed by NAHB for builders is the Graduate Master Builder (GMB). Duke McDowell has received his GMB designations. The GMB certification includes the same requirements as for the CGB designation, plus more course work and extensive experience. Both of these designations are voluntarily earned and not required by law. The NAHB believes earning these designations “provide benchmarks of business achievement that consumers can use to measure builders.” They also feel that “when you hire a CGB or GMB, you can expect an experienced builder committed to delivering a quality product” and that it shows “someone who is truly committed to the profession – and that could make the difference in a better house.”


All these are ideals which Sterling stands behind and believes in for our customers and their homes. Sterling is also committed to the environment.  Duke McDowell has additionally earned the Certified Green Professional (CGP) designation from the NAHB, qualifying him to help design and build the latest energy efficient technologies into your home.


During the building process, Duke McDowell personally walks every job site on a regular basis during the construction process. In a weekly construction meeting, the entire Sterling staff gathers to discuss the current status of each project and, from a team perspective, troubleshoot any problems that have arisen. Both during and after construction, attention is given to even the smallest detail. Warranty items are promptly and professionally addressed by our in-house Warranty Manager.


Our commitment to customer care has not only earned us a sterling reputation in our industry and community, it has generated an exceptionally high level of customer satisfaction, that is evidenced by the many customers for whom we have built second and third homes for. We’d be happy to provide you a complete list of customers. We won’t “cherry-pick” a few for you to contact and, in fact, encourage you to contact as many as you like.