Before you choose a home site you need to have a proper lot analysis
performed. There is an art and science to lot selection.

At Sterling Custom Homes we go out and walk the home site with you. We carefully consider everything from tree clearing to sun orientation, to topography, etc. We help you understand how your home design will work with the characteristics of your lot.


More importantly, we help you analyze the tangible lot costs such as purchase price, utilities, property taxes, topography and associated building costs, architectural restrictions and subdivision related costs. We also look at intangible lot costs such as the view, location, schools, community, amenities, lifestyle, etc. By analyzing all costs associated with a lot we are able to create a more realistic idea of the true costs of building on a given site.


Quite often a lot that may appear less expensive can be significantly more due to septic issues, additional slab costs caused to topography or view issues, etc. By performing our lot analysis we are often able to save our clients many thousands of dollars, and help them find a site that is better suited to their home design and lifestyle.